Our Mission

The Active Divers Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to ocean stewardship and the preservation of our underwater environment. Comprised primarily of scuba divers, the Active Divers Association educates the community, through outreach and programs, about the local underwater ecosystem.

The corporation provides a means by which divers can be more involved in scuba activities, while they also become attuned to the plight the ocean currently faces by:

  1. Educating and promoting the sport and science of scuba and skin diving awareness in a safe environment.
  2. Educating the general public about the importance of protection and preservation of coral reefs and the marine environment in South Florida.
  3. Organizing scuba diving trips for members and other concerned persons, in order to study and learn about issues pertaining to ocean stewardship and preservation of the underwater environment.

Our interests focus toward the environment as we enjoy seeing, and interacting with, marine life while diving. As people who directly view the environment under the surface, Active Divers are uniquely situated to know the state of our oceans health....., and try to do something about it. As a group we advocate for the underwater ecosystem.