Many hands lighten the load


One of the most important functions of ADA is the membership committee.

  • sending information to prospective members
  • sending new member packs
  • telephone calls to new members welcoming them to the club
  • dues renewal


The communications center of ADA is The Mouthpiece, our newsletter, which is published monthly except for December and January.

  • gathering stories of interest to the club
  • layout of newsletter
  • publishing of newsletter
  • assembling, folding, postal stamping and mailing
  • publishing of yearly membership directory

Social Events

Planning and execution of various social activities including the Annual Awards Banquet.


Planning and execution of various conservation activities.

  • coral restoration projects
  • reef clean-ups
  • wreck clean-ups
  • preparation for sinkings


Preparation and mailing of press releases to radio, television, and print media.

  • Maintenance of dive club listings in dive publications

Dive Planning

Recommendation of dive sites for local as well as international dives.

  • Gathering of information, including group rates and travel plans and planning every detail of the trip

Diving Safety
(eligibility restricted to qualified personnel only)

Eligibility and membership in this committee is determined by the ADA safety officers. They set the standards and further training by the committee is required. Generally, they observe members who have sufficient diving experience, leadership ability, and a proper attitude and recruit them. ADA's first concern is safety and has stringent requirements for safety officers. It has helped us to maintain an accident free record for more than a quarter of a century!