I have only gone diving a few times since I was certified, and the last time was several years ago. I would need someone to work with me until I gain some more experience and confidence. Am I allowed to join?

Absolutely! We offer dives for all skill levels. Our Safety Officers will work with anyone needing a refresher.

We also offer a refresher course at a local pool for divers who feel their skills are not up to par. The refresher is usually held once a year, in May.

Does the price of the dive or membership fee trip with ADA include insurance?

No, insurance is not included in the fees. You may obtain insurance from various carriers, including Divers Alert Network (DAN). See the DAN website at http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/ for more information.

Do the dive fees include equipment rental?

No. The dive fee is for the boat charter only. Rental equipment is available through the dive shop or boat operation conducting the dive.

How much are family memberships?

The single diver annual membership fee is extended to the whole family. Family members must reside at the same address.

Hello, I am interested in joining your club, and I was wondering if there are any members in my age group or close to it.

The Active Divers Association welcomes divers of all ages. Members' ages range from teenagers to "very mature" divers, and everything in between.

How much is the fee per dive?

Fees are posted on the dive schedule, located at http://activedivers.org/Dive-Schedule.html, and also in the current issue of The Mouthpiece.

For the scheduled boat dives, are they 1 or 2 tank dives?

All daytime dives (morning and afternoon) are two tank dives, unless specifically stated otherwise. All night dives are one tank dives, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Tanks are not included in the boat fee, but are available for rent from the shop, if needed.

Where do you dive?

EVERYWHERE!!! Actually we dive somewhere different every weekend. In the S. Florida area our favorites are Tavernier, Islamorada, Key Largo, Elliott Key, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Lauderdale, Boca, Boynton, Pompano, West Palm, and Jupiter. We also travel to the Bahamas, Mexico, Caymans, Australia, Fiji, Maldives, Truk, Palau, and many others.

I'm interested in joining your club or would like more information. How do I do this?

You can find membership information at our "New Member" link. When you are ready to start the process, you may access the online application at http://activedivers.org/newmember/Online_Application.html.

If you are having any problems with the online form, just send an email to our Membership Chairman, Dan Baeza, at dmbaeza@bellsouth.net.


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