Historical Review of ADA's 25 Years
(from our Silver Anniversary in 1995)

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This page is under development. We've done a lot since 1970 and it takes a lot of time to get it up on this page.

40,000 dives - no accidents - 32 different foreign ports - dived the Florida Springs and many hundreds of dive sites from Palm Beach to Key West - manned booths at eight SCUBA shows - taught over 15 varieties of SCUBA related courses - Actively participated in 25 conservation programs while supporting numerous dive organizations - Socially, we have thrown 11 types of parties while sponsoring canoe trips, bicycle rides and camping trips.

No question about it, we have lived up to our good name;
the Active Divers Association
with safety, ecology, and value our prime objectives

1969 We saw a need in the South Florida diving community for leadership
1970 May First organized trip - Blue Grotto Springs, Williston, FL
July First international trip - Gingerbread Grounds, Bahamas
1972 Nov First international trip by air - Andros Island $100 Flyers to students (by invitation only)

(Since 1970, we've been to a lot of great diving spots all over the world, some of them several times.)
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Cayman Islands
Australia and the Great Barrier Reef
Micronesia, Palau and Truk Lagoon
the Red Sea
the Sea of Cortez
San Salvador, Bahamas

Other Activities

Combined camping and cavern/springs diving trips in North Florida
(some dives limited to our cavern certified members)
Canoe trips to Peace River
Bike rides in Shark Valley (in the Everglades)