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Although there is still room to reserve your spot on ADA’s November 5th full-day Coral Restoration Foundation (“CRF”) program, act now to book the dive and add a whole new perspective to Florida Keys diving.  Thanks to CRF and the work of volunteers, including dozens of ADA members over the last ten years, the reefs are coming back to more of the spectacular beauty they had decades ago, before contaminated waters, ship groundings, and extreme weather events started taking their toll.

Now when I dive the reefs where I and dozens of other ADA members started transplanting baby corals back in 2007, it is amazing to see healthy staghorn branches stretching up more than three or four feet tall.  We really have made a difference that we can see for ourselves!  With your continued help during this year’s CRF trip, generations to come will enjoy spectacular beauty instead of a bleached-out decimated reef system.

Don’t know anything about marine science and coral transplanting techniques?  Not to worry; CRF trains every diver in morning lecture and hands-on sessions in its state-of-the-art facility, where we will learn the latest techniques for cutting and prepping baby corals for outplanting; transplanting them onto the reefs; maintaining previously-planted coral gardens; and documenting the successes of our efforts.  Then after a lunch break, we will board a boat specially reserved only for our ADA/CRF program, for a two-tank dive.  Our first dive will be a tour of the coral nursery, and involve setting-up for our outplanting tasks.  Then we will move to the reef and perform outplanting and maintenance activities on the corals.

The cost of the program is $130 for the full day, including classroom instruction, boat trip, tanks, weights, diving, and lunch.  For an additional charge you can receive your PADI Coral Restoration Specialist Certification and accompanying PADI Certification Card.


The cost is well worth it.  You will for years in the future remember the important work you are doing, when you visit the reefs you replanted and see the results of your efforts. Click here to book this dive.

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A Youtube video showing ADA divers at work on a past CRF project (mine is the bald head)can be seen by clicking here.


Call me at (305) 519-8897 or send me an email with any questions about this year’s CRF program.  My email address is I hope to plant some coral with you next month.


2018 ADA Dive Cruise is on SALE

The 2018 ADA Dive cruise is on SALE!!! Yes, that's right, we have already booked the dive cruise for next year since it is such a spectacular itinerary and includes a free drink package when you book a balcony or above by August 31, 2017. It's a round trip on the Royal Princess from Fort Lauderdale on November 24, 2018 for seven days and stops at four world class dive locations: Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize and Roatan.

Prices Have Dropped Yet AGAIN!
$299 per person

...for our third annual ADA dive cruise departing on November 13, 2017 on the Crown Princess for 5 nights and six days, and visiting Cozumel and Costa Maya for Caribbean diving at its best.

Call or email Daryl at 954-591-1161 or for details.

Just call our Princess Cruise Planner, Karen Brader at 800-901-1172, ext. 41643, and tell her that you want to book the 2018 Active Divers Group trip - it's that easy to join in on an awesome dive cruise!


Fantastic Looe Key/Key West Weekend

On July 22 and 23, ADA divers set out for Looe Key and Key West for an adventuresome weekend of diving and enjoying the sights. The morning of Saturday, July 22nd, three ADA divers toured the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. The Turtle Hospital rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured sea turtles. The tour was very informative and we really enjoyed it.

The next chapter of our adventure brought us to Looe Key resort where we boarded a very large, crowded pontoon boat, with 16 divers and 30 snorkelers. On the way out to the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary, we ran into a large pod of friendly dolphins. Captain Katie pulled alongside so we could get a closer look at them frolicking in the aqua blue water. It's always a good omen to run into dolphins in a dive trip and this pod portended two wonderful dives in crystal clear, warm water.

The towering finger reefs of Looe Key were teeming with life: tropicals of all kinds including, schooling Atlantic Spadefish, two free-swimming Caribbean reef sharks, and pristine examples of pillar and elkhorn coral. At the end of the second dive, we were treated to a visit by "Junior" the resident Goliath Grouper, who was getting friendly with the divers and snorkelers under the boat.

After a relaxing afternoon at Looe Key's pool and dinner at the Tiki bar with live rock and roll music, Sunday morning came bright and early. We made our way down to Key West for the 7:30 a.m. check-in at Lost Reef Adventures to experience one of south Florida's best wrecks - the General Hoyt S. Vandenburg. Once a military transport ship, it was converted to a satellite tracking vessel that once tracked space launches off of Cape Canaveral, complete with swim-through satellite dishes, whose aluminum is unfortunately disintegrating after years of exposure to salt water. We moored to Ball #4, which was 2two-thirds of the way to the stern. There was a mild current on the first dive, but it became stronger as the second dive progressed. Still is was possible to cover the entire length of the 524 foot vessel between both dives. The ship had good coral encrustation, numerous large barracudas, schooling Bermuda chubs, crevalle jack, and schooling brown chromis. There was a significant thermocline at 75 feet with water temp 87 above and 82 degrees below. With the current getting stronger, the crawl to the bow into the current was a workout but the free ride back two-thirds of the length of the ship was exhilarating. Interesting rooms to explore such as the cut-out navigation bridge. The dive was over by noontime, which left plenty of time to take in the sights of Key West before heading home.

The ADA Key West weekend is in its third year and, due to popular demand, Lon promised to put it back on the ADA dive schedule for 2018.


It's Official: Dive Season Has Started

The Active Divers Association held its annual Beginning-of-Dive-Season beach dive, picnic, equipment swap, and raffle at Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park in the Jetty Pavilion next to Port Everglades. This year, Chef Roy added honey-mustard chicken to the mix of hot dogs, hamburgers, and Roy's own steak and beans chili. Other ADA members brought salads, desserts, and other foodstuffs.

This year, we were treated to a talk by Kelly Montenero, NOAA Coral Management Fellow for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Coral Reef Conservation Program of SEAFAN (Southeast Florida Action Network), on making reports on ocean incidents. It was extremely informative and a partnership with ADA may be in the works. SEAFAN is a reporting and response system designed to improve the protection and management of southeast Florida's coral reefs by enhancing marine debris clean-up efforts, increasing response to vessel groundings and anchor damage, and providing early detection of potentially harmful biological disturbances. Click here for more information on the SEAFAN program.

After the program, a raffle was was held for dive equipment and accessories. Everyone who attended received a prize.

Finally, our intrepid president Lon was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Scuba Divin' , having satisfied all the requirements for this award. Congratulations, Lon. We can can address him as Doctor Lon.

At around 2:00 PM we broke up and headed home thinking of this coming years memories already begun. Hope to see you all soon on a dive.

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Photo courtesy of Dr. Dan Baeza

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