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January 2018 Edition


In This Issue:

The 2017 Annual Dive Cruise: AMAZING!!!

--by Daryl Johnson

The third annual ADA dive cruise departed on November 13, 2017 on the Crown Princess for 5 nights and six days and went  to Costa Maya and Cozumel  for Caribbean diving at its best.  The first port was Costa Maya where we took a 5 minute shuttle ride to the Mar Adentro dive shop. We booked the dive  through a third party operator so there was a little bit of adventure getting to and finding the shop but the locals were friendly and helpful so we made it just fine. Nothing like a little adventure on a dive trip!!

The boat was docked about a block from the shop and it was just big enough to do a single tank dive and then return to the dock to get fresh tanks. The first dive was 60-70 feet with about 40 feet of visibility and good marine life including a nice sized turtle. The second dive had much better visibility and again lots of marine life. After the last dive we moved to a restaurant next door for some refreshments and get a group photo.

L to R: Gerry Callis, Dan Baeza, Tony Spagnolo, Daryl Johnson, Susan Noll, Chris Noll and Cara Frederick

Our dive in Cozumel was at 12:30 PM the next day so we were able to have some morning time in the port. After a bit of confusion on where to meet the dive operator we finally hooked up with Sand Dollar Sports and were escorted to our nearby private boat for ADA divers only. The dive master on board was very helpful and after discussing our options we chose to dive at San Francisco reef where we dove to 60-70 feet for one of those unforgettable clear blue water Cozumel dives.  Fifty minutes later we surfaced to our waiting boat where we boarded and the crew changed out our tanks while we moved to Tormentos for the second dive. While we thought the first dive was great, the second was even better with lots of reef fish and great visibility again. Towards the end of the dive we saw what may have been the biggest barracuda I have ever seen!

When we surfaced you could tell that the late afternoon sun was waning and the air was cooling since after all, this was diving in mid November despite it being in Cozumel. We were chilled by the splashing water and cool air as we returned to the pier, all of us with that happy after dive glow you get from great dives and a little bit of extra nitrogen in our systems. We arrived at the pier at 4:40PM, 50 minutes prior to the ship leaving and returned to our floating hotel to enjoy the last minutes prior to sail away. We all had different things planned for that evening, with a day at sea the next day to rest up from our underwater adventures.

While the ports on this dive cruise were a little less famous than others we have done, I considered it to be one of our best since it combined a new location (Costa Maya) with one of the best dives (Cozumel) with a sea day on the beginning and end to relax and refresh with good friends from ADA.  Considering the rock bottom cost of $299 per person it will be a trip to remember, and perhaps repeat some day.

Cruise diving is really a very relaxing way to see some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean so keep your options open for the 2018 Dive cruise on the Royal Princess that leaves November 24,2018 for a seven day trip that stops at Grand Cayman, Belize, Roatan and Cozumel. We already have 8 cabins booked for that trip and plenty more available for ADA divers!! So how easy is it to book the fourth annual dive cruise in 2018?? All you have to do is call our Cruise Planner, Karen Bradder at 1-800-901-1172 ext. 41643 and tell her that you want to book the Active Divers Group cruise (code TPH) and make a deposit. That’s it, no muss, no fuss and you will be ready for an outstanding trip with ADA!!  And, by the way, if you would like to go but don’t have a dive buddy to go with you, let me know and I can try to help you find another ADA member that wants to go and share a cabin.

See you on board!



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PADI Introduces Four Pillars of Change:
Mobilizing Divers to Be a Force for Good

--by Rachel Davis, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Adapted from the PADI website article, Four Pillars of Change.

PADI has unveiled a new program called the 4 Pillars of Change. Introduced in November 2016, the program will serve as a platform for social and environmental brand activism is a significant step in developing an effective sustainability program for PADI.

Here is a summary of each of the 4 Pillars:

Ocean Health Pillar: Forge partnerships with organizations that support the establishment of more marine protected areas (MPAs) and the reduction of human pressures that threaten the future of our blue planet like marine debris.

Marine Animal Protection Pillar: Protect marine life biodiversity by elevating our voices on shark and ray conservation and by bringing awareness to the issue of marine entanglement.

People and Community Pillar: Support diving infrastructure and diver education so that we foster a sustainability mindset and encourage growth of the local community.

Health and Wellness Pillar: Spotlight amazing stories of triumph over adversity, illness and hardships that testify to diving’s healing power. In diving, many people have found hope for their futures and we aim to inspire others to find similar personal transformation and healing, both mentally and physically.

The Four Pillars serve as a platform to empower divers with information to get involved with causes they care about in a tangible way. Creating synergy with other specialized change-agents will provide more opportunities for global impact and lasting change.

The PADI family embodies tremendous human strength that has the potential to make a positive difference. PADI is dedicated to elevating its purpose, as an organization and as individuals, by continuing to bring the conversation to the forefront to inspire action.

PADI is currently collecting stories about divers who are making an impact. Share your stories by emailing

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Water Stortage???

--by Jerry Kosakowski

We have all heard about clean water and the shortage of it. There are numerous articles about the impending disaster. Well, in Africa and other locations it is more current. People die from the lack of clean water daily. There are numerous products on the market for travelers to buy to improve their water quality, for example,safety straws. This supposedly purifies any water. This is probably something I should look into since I travel to Honduras and haven’t left without being sick from the water. I do my best to avoid it, but it seems impossible. They do wash the plates and utensils in tap water. So, my sensitive system just dooms me. The locals have an immunity to it. But that only works so much.

Is there a long-term solution? Well, vast reserves of freshwater exist under the seabed of continental shelves off Australia, China, North America (lucky us) and South Africa. The volume is enormous. It is 100 times greater than the amount we have extracted since 1900. The water is from a long time ago. It is trapped rainwater that seeped into the ground and was covered when sea levels increased. This may help the situation as the prognosis is that by the year 2025, 2/3 of the world’s population will no longer have a secure supply.

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It's Time To Renew For Discounted Rates

--by Dr. Dan Baeza

The clock is counting down and we are nearing the last chance to renew at a reduced rate. Renew now and your membership fee is only $35 for a calendar year of discounts and diving news. After March 31, your annual membership renewal fee is $45.

Your membership includes periodic eNews emails about club activities as well as electronic access to The Mouthpiece monthly newsletter. You may pay by check or online. Go to to renew your membership online. To pay by check, mail a check made out to "Active Divers Association"  with the appropriate amount to:

Dr. Dan Baeza
Membership Chairman
Active Divers Association
7592 Parkview Way
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Note: If unsure when your membership expires, drop us a note at Include your name and "Membership Expiration Date" in the subject line.

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Become a Coral Restoration Specialty Diver

--by Roy Wasson

If you love diving, but would love it even more if the coral reefs were as lush and colorful as they used to be, this is your chance to become serious about doing your part to make such dreams a reality.  For more than 10 years the ADA has been working with the Coral Restoration Foundation transplanting baby corals from CRF’s nurseries onto the Florida Keys’ reef systems.  Those of our members who have participated in our ADA/CRF reef restoration programs have enjoyed informative classroom education, hands-on training, and numerous missions to help maintain CRF’s nurseries and outplant coral cuttings to repopulate barren reefs in the Upper Keys.  Some of the baby corals we started planting more than 10 years ago are several feet tall now.

For 2018 the ADA and CRF are tentatively planning a two-day program to further our members’ expertise in restoring coral reef systems. The PADI Coral Restoration Distinctive Specialty is a two-day program that works towards developing standardized skill sets as well as helping to provide continuing education for divers’ buoyancy skills in a working diving setting. Both days have a morning of education and hands-on skills, followed by two afternoons of restoration diving. The first day of education will review coral biology and general reef ecology, as well as in-depth review of the underwater tasks; the second day of education will discuss the different types of restoration that exist, the different types of methodology that have been tested and where we are planning to go in the future. The restoration dives will be a mix of nursery work, monitoring and/or outplanting depending on the general needs of CRF at the time and the education/experience interests of the dive group.

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Underwater Archaeology Training

--by Connie Crowther

Last September, a dozen Active Divers Association members got our first taste of underwater archaeology when we did a group basic certification course with the Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN). Now we have a new opportunity to participate in advanced training and actually re-map some of the many historic wreck sites in South Florida.

Lee and Rosie Wood hosted last year’s group at their Key Largo home and participants earned the Heritage Awareness Specialty Certification after spending three days in the classroom, pool and ocean, learning to map wreck sites. The group dived with Captain Slate and FPAN representatives and mapped the El Infante, one of 13 Spanish galleon wreck sites from the New Spain Fleet swamped on the Keys reefs by a hurricane in July 1733.

The 2018 Diving With a Purpose (DWP) popular maritime archaeology program is being offered June 3-9, 2018, in Key Largo. Course participants will earn the PADI Archaeology Survey Diver certification.  Participants will dive all week with Rainbow Reef Dive Center and stay at Ocean Pointe Suites in Key Lago and have evening meals in the Florida Bay Science Center Dorm, with related speakers and experts.

Early registration is suggested, since the course fills up very quickly.

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Are You Due a Refund?
--by Lon Von Lintel

ADA members will be issued a refund for the 2017 dive season:

  • If you paid for a dive with insurance and did not attend...or
  • If you paid for a dive and ADA canceled that dive...or
  • If you paid for a dive and then you canceled one week in advance

(If you paid for a missed dive that did not include insurance or you did not cancel one week in advance, we cannot issue any refund)

If you are due for a refund, you may choose one of the following options:

  • Apply $35 (the cost of early renewals) to extend your membership one year.  You need not act, ADA will automatically extend it for you.  Your refund (less the $35) will be sent to your mailing address on record. Please note: If your address has changed since you joined ADA, please send us your updated address.

  • Request a full refund, with no extension of yearly membership.  Your request must be made by email to Lon before Feb.1, 2018

We anticipate that this process will be completed by February 1, and refunds will then be mailed to those opting for an extension.  Those opting for a full refund can expect their refund at about the same time.

If you have not received your refund by the middle of February please contact me via email.  If your records indicate I have made a mistake in calculating your refund, give me a call at 305-251-4975.

Thanks, and happy diving in 2018.

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Movie Time

--by Jerry Kosakowski

Here are some of my favorite scuba-related movies:

Sphere (1998) The actors are all time favorites; Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel Jackson (one of my favorites) and Queen Latifah. A strange sphere is discovered and it must be investigated. The above team does the work. Of course, as they do it many strange things happen. The plot is a little crazy to say the least but that is to be expected in scuba movies. They always seem to be that way. It was a flop at the box office. I think the actors regret ever doing this one. Watch the Bond films is my advice.

Men of Honor (2000) starring Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr.. Story line is about the first African American diver in the Navy. I thought it was interesting but you know how I am. It’s a real-life story so I liked the history. Carl Bashear, (the real person) retired in 1979. He passed in 2006. The movie mainly covers racism and the ability of someone to overcome it and teach the racist a lesson.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954). Yes, one of these where you ask yourself how old am I if I recall this one. Well. It’s been remade several times. This movie is the original made by Disney productions. James Mason is the star, playing Captain Nemo. He is great with his acting. I always loved his movies. Recall he played in the movie Masada, A Star Is Born, Lolita, and North By Northwest. This movie is a actual hit. Everyone loved it and still does. It is based on the Jules Verne book. With all that going for it you must see this one.

Don't see your favorite? Send an email with "Movies" in the subject line to with your recommendations.

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Off-Season Fitness

--by Mo Smith

The Active Divers Association dive season ends usually in November, but for some of us it can even end earlier. Every diver has his temperature settings for his or her own dive season ending date. Divers could be out of the water from three to six months before the warm water invites us to dive again. Being stagnant for that length of time diminishes the divers’ fitness levels greatly. To recover their level of fitness could take a large part of the new season. There is a solution that would allow divers to maintain and even increase their fitness level for the new season without undergoing exhausting in lengthy training regimens.

Training sessions can be three times a week, 20 to 30 minutes each day. Yes, it does take some effort, but the results are solid. I guarantee the diver will notice improvement on their first dive of the season. The diver’s physical comfort underwater will improve. The comfort will equally improve self-confidence and performance.

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Match Them Up
-- by Jerry Kosakowski

Everybody knows what several fish hanging out together are called.... They are a school. A bunch of crows is called a "murder of crows". See if you can match up the critters with their group. I did horrible. See if you can get more than two. No peeking:

Congregation lobsters
Battery trout
Pod barracudas
Stand otters
Romp crabs
Brace dolphins
Bale mallards
Hover flamingos
Bed alligators
Consortium jellyfish
Fluther clams
Risk turtles


Coffee, Anyone?
--by Jerry Kosakowski

Coffee cups come in a variety of styles and materials, including paper, metal, and ceramics. But the ones we should be concerned about are the ones that contain carcinogenic materials, specifically those manufactured out of Styrofoam. As one who has lost family members to cancer, it is a risk that just doesn’t have to be taken. As a side note, one of my daughter does cancer research with the Ludwig Cancer Institute in New York City, so you might say I have insider information.

Styrofoam is made of polystyrene foam, a synthetic petroleum-based plastic. Are Styrofoam cups bad? You bet. They contain numerous poisons, and can leak toxic chemicals into your body. You may have noted that many companies moving away from using this product with food. Although that Styrofoam clamshell was great because you didn’t need an extra little wrapper to insulate your hand, it is otherwise a pure disaster for our bodies.

Well, what about the plastic covers? It is Styrofoam minus the foam (air). Of course, since the coffee is not directly in it, it is a little harder for chemicals to leach into your coffee. But does that help? NO! In addition to being bad for you, Styrofoam is bad for the environment. A Styrofoam cup takes over 500 years to break down in a landfill. So that cup o’ Joe you drank today will still be around in 2518.

So, let’s be careful what we use to get our coffee. It may just prolong your life, the life of a friend or loved one, and the environment,

If you would like to read more about Styrofoam, check out these references:

...or search for "coffee and styrofoam" in your favorite search engine.

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If so, please email or call us with your current information. You may send an email to: Dr. Dan Baeza, Membership Chair at You can also call Dan at 954-260-8225 and leave a message with your new contact information.

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Scuba Micro-Aggression Syndrome

--Jerry Kosakowski

If you are wondering why you haven’t heard about this it is because I just invented it. I also invented the Internet, contrary to Al Gore’s claims, and the corkscrew, a truly marvelous invention

But what exactly is Scuba Micro-Aggression Syndrome? Just as road-rage and narcissism have woven its ugly tentacles into society, this devious behavior has worked its’ way to scuba diving. You may not have noted it because you, yes you, are the person demonstrating it.

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ADA Guidelines and Policies


  1. Be current (dive activity within the previous 3 months).
  2. Have the approval of an ADA Safety Officer.
  3. Have a minimum of 25 logged dives.
  4. Carry an alternate air source (octopus), time keeping device and depth gauge


Before departing for the dive site, confirm weather conditions with Lon at (305) 251-4975 or with the designated Safety Officer. It is the responsibility of the member to call. Because of the large numbers of divers involved we are not able call you with weather information. For morning dives, call between 6 and 10 p.m. the night before the dive. For afternoon dives, call between 9 and 10 a.m. the morning of the dive


  1. Check this newsletter or the annual calendar for upcoming dives.
  2. Call Lon at (305) 251-4975 or via email at to make a reservation. If via email, you will receive a notification whether space is available. Please do not leave requests on his answering machine, the trip may be full.
  3. We will hold your reservation for four (4) days from the date you call. If we do not receive payment within four days, your space may be given to other members. If you wish to confirm receipt, call Lon.
  4. Ask for details about the trip when you call. Otherwise, details will be given when you call for a weather check. (See “Important Weather Information”)
  5. Make your check payable to ACTIVE DIVERS ASSOCIATION, not to any individual, and mail to:
Jerry Kosakowski 
298 NW 83 Lane 
Coral Springs FL 33071-7439
You may also pay online via PayPal on the "Dive Schedule" page.


  1. Members using dive computers may extend their time 10 underwater minutes beyond the time allowed by the tables.
  2. Computer assisted dives must be well within the NO DECOMPRESSION LIMITS
  3. Members should understand and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. If a computer diver is buddyed with a diver using the tables, both must follow the tables.
  5. If a buddy-team is using dis-similar computers, both must follow the more conservative readings


ADA has created a unique concept in local diving: NO FAULT INSURANCE!! For an additional $5.00, per person, per local dive trip, members can eliminate the worry of losing their dive fees because of an unforeseen change of plans. If for any reason you are unable to attend a local dive for which you are scheduled and have paid the insurance, ADA will credit your dive fee to another date. The $5.00 insurance is  non-transferable and non-refundable. When you make a reservation, ask for dive trip cancellation insurance.


All members are reminded to read the “Rules & Guidelines for Diving Activities” you received with your membership package. Number 16 states, “All divers must be present for the pre-dive briefing”. If the diver is not present for the entire briefing, diving privileges may be revoked for that dive. Please plan to arrive on time - or better yet - a bit early. We thank you and appreciate your cooperation.


Because of our contractual agreements with our service agents - dive shops and boat captains, we must notify them - usually seven days in advance - of the final number of spaces we are paying for. Thus, if our members cancel less than seven days in advance, we regret that NO REFUND OR CREDIT can be given, unless trip cancellation insurance has been purchased at the time of the dive trip payment (see next news article!)

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