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December 2016 Edition


In This Issue:

The ADA 2017 Caribbean Dive Trip to Grenada July 8-15, 2017 is ready for booking!

--by Daryl Johnson



1. A country in the southern Windward Islands, in the Caribbean Sea, that consists of the island of Grenada and the southern Grenadine Islands; pop. 90,700 (est. 2009); capital, St. George's; languages, English (official) and English Creole.

2. A great place to dive!!!

Every year Dan and I look for a place that we have not been to, or one that we love and then search the DEMA deals for the best wholesale prices for the club. This year, we will be going to Grenada, West Indies and staying at the True Blue Boutique resort which has rave reviews on Trip Advisor and diving with Aquanauts.

Here's what the package includes:

Seven nights accommodations, airport round trip transfer, continental breakfast, Free Rum punch party, Free use of non-motorized water sports, Free shuttle to Grand Anse Beach, Free Nitrox 30%, Free Après Dive Rum punch, Free Wi-Fi access, all taxes and service charges. Dive packages include tanks & weights for 5 days of two tank diving, Free Nitrox (30%) & Marine Park fees.  All of this for $1399 per person, double occupancy (single room is higher and we will try to match single divers up to share rooms where possible).

Grenada International Trip Deposit:

Flights (Not included) are running anywhere from $560 to $750  out of Miami as of this writing, and American Airlines has a direct flight from Miami. These will likely go on sale in the March to April timeframe.

So get ready for another amazing ADA dive trip by clicking on the PayPal button at right to put down your $100 deposit now! Final payment will be due April 1, 2017 and must be made by check.

See you there!

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Orientation to Underwater Archaeology for Sport Divers Series - Part 2

--by Juliana and Lenora Bach

On Sunday, 9/11/2016, ADA members met for a 2 tank dive on the Spanish Galleon wreck “El Infante” off  Tavernier, FL.  We left Florida Keys Divers with the GPS Coordinates.  Safety Officers were Lon Von Lintel and Lee Wood.

The first dive was an observation of the entire site.  Evidence of ballast stones are skewed across the bottom of the reef, however, locating the timbers was not easy.   The shallow water and surge is not the easiest to maneuver. We intentionally went a little negative to stay put and care was taken not to disturb the site with unintentional touching.

The second dive consisted of using the skills we previously learned to draw a site survey of the remaining visible wreck.  We learned that most of what had been visible in 2004 had been silted in.  The Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) divers located the baseline of El Infante and set the measuring tape along the keel.  Divers buddied-up in pairs and were given a section to map and measure.  Afterwards, we all compared notes and observations.  We also received a certificate of completion of Level 1 Marine Heritage Awareness from SSEAS. (This will soon become a PADI specialty).

This was a  fun educational experience, well worth the cost and time.   All of the ADA members present agreed that we should continue to explore the Marine Heritage Trail of Key Biscayne Park.  Part of our training is to spread the word about our underwater archaeology resources and how to participate in monitoring historical sites as citizen scientists.

Special thanks to Dr. Della Scott-Ireton, Associate Director of FPAN and Nicole Grinnan, Public Archaeologist.

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It's Time To Renew For Discounted Rates

--by Dr. Dan Baeza

The clock is counting down and we are nearing the last chance to renew at a reduced rate. Renew before March 31, 2017 and your membership fee is only $35 for a calendar year of discounts and diving news. After March 31, your annual membership renewal fee is $45.

Your membership includes periodic eNews emails about club activities as well as electronic access to The Mouthpiece monthly newsletter. You may pay by check or online. Go to to renew your membership online. To pay by check, mail a check made out to "Active Divers Association"  with the appropriate amount to:

Dr. Dan Baeza
Membership Chairman
Active Divers Association
7592 Parkview Way
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Note: If unsure when your membership expires, drop us a note at

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Wetwear: An Extraordinary  Wetsuit Manufacturer
--by Dr. Dan Baeza

In 2006, Daryl Johnson and I decided to put together a trip to the Pacific side of Costa Rica aboard the Okeanos Aggressor. No strangers to the Pacific, we knew the temperatures would be well below the warm, Caribbean and sub-tropical waters we are accustomed to diving. Years earlier, I owned a scuba retail outlet and purchased wetsuits to use in my rental equipment inventory from a local company called Wetwear, located in Hallandale.



  • Super Soft Stretch Neoprene
  • Glued and Blind Stitched Inside and Out
  • Arm Expansion Zippers
  • Leg Expansion Zippers
  • Slant Back Entry Zipper
  • Adjustable Collar
  • 3 mm Knee Pads
  • Lycra®  Edge Finishing


Reg Price: $275.00        $175.00

Well, to make a long story short, we decided to buy custom-made wetsuits from Wetwear for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Ten years and hundreds of dives later, my wetsuit is still going strong. Neoprene has a limited life, so my wetsuit is near the end of its practical functionality for cold water diving. It can still function as basic protection in Spring and Fall weather conditions. Augmented with its custom-fitted hood and shorty, it still keeps me warm in Florida and Caribbean waters.

Daryl has decided to treat himself to a new wetsuit for the 2017 season, and has contracted with Wetwear for a custom-taylored wetsuit. While discussing the merits of getting a new wetsuit, Daryl and I naturally started talking about Active Divers Association with Connie, who runs the day-to-day operation at Wetwear. We asked whether the company would offer our members a discount and Connie put together the deal on their EZ-ON 3 mm Jumpsuit described in the blue box on the right:

Wetwear is located at 2930 SW 30th Avenue, Suite A, in Hallandale. Telephone 800-771-8081.

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Diving the Towers and Tunnels of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas Out Islands

--by Connie Crowther

On a dive out of Treasure Cay, Abaco, I was the first to do my giant stride into the water. As I hit the water on the dive site, I saw two Caribbean reef sharks swimming straight toward me. As we met, they split up and one swam quickly past on either side of me. We all surprised one another that day in the clear, aquamarine waters of the Abaco barrier reef.

On that dive, we went on to explore one section of the world’s third longest barrier reef, off the northeastern coast of Abaco, Bahamas. Reefs towered over us. Below we could see sharks, turtles, eagle rays and other larger animals swimming along the deep ledges, totally ignoring us as we blew bubbles above them. Reef fish were plentiful and colorful, and the corals were surprisingly healthy.

Two major dive operations, Brendal’s Dive Center in Green Turtle Cay and Dive Abaco in Marsh Harbour, offer diving on all the popular sites, such as The Towers, Wayne’s World, The Cathedral and Grouper Alley. Abaco diving is known for its maze of swim-throughs and caverns, nestled under towering reef structures. Most dives are relatively shallow, 60 feet or less.

The Abacos have always been a favorite destination for sailors and divers. The 120-mile-long island chain is perfectly situated for exploration, with one large island, Great Abaco, and a string of tropical islands offshore, on the Atlantic-facing barrier reef. The islands, covering 650 square miles, were a destination for Americans remaining loyal to the British crown after the Revolutionary War.

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ADA Dive Cruise 2016

--by Rachel Davis

Nine ADA divers set sail from Fort Lauderdale on November 13th for a wonderful six-night cruise aboard the Caribbean Princess. The 2016 ADA Dive Cruise was chosen for its ports of call: three world-class diving destinations: Roatan, Belize and Cozumel.

In Roatan, our first port of call, we loaded into the cozy bus complete with jump seats for the half-hour ride through the jungle in the pouring rain. We rode bumpily past many houses depicting how the locals live and reminding us that we were indeed in Honduras. We loaded into the dive boat at Anthony's Key Resort and set off into 2-4 foot seas, which quickly became 3-5 footers. Our 45-minute journey took us to the opposite side of the island, ironically back to where we started from, near the cruise ship dock. Suddenly the seas became blissfully calm for our first dive site called Key Hole, a wonderful 100 foot wall dive in 84 degree water. We saw a huge eel and stands of healthy elkhorn coral. The surface interval was very rainy and cold and returning to the warm water for the second dive on Marilyn's Back Porch was like jumping into a heavenly warm jacuzzi.

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Nurse Shark Facts

--by Jerry Kosakowski

Here in Florida you see them pretty commonly. They are usually under a ledge lying there peacefully, until we come along. Then our presence bothers them and they swim away. Yes, they are a shy species.

The way to identify a nurse shark is by its snout, which is similar to that of a catfish.

Nurse sharks are able to breathe without moving because of a special organ that pumps water over their gills. They are mostly bottom dwellers.

They are found in warm and temperate waters in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Oceans.

The name nurse shark comes because a lot of nurses like them. Just kidding. It comes because of the sucking noise they make when feeding or it may be a derivative of the Old English word nurse, which means bottom dwelling shark.

They are prey for larger species as the Lemon, Tiger and Bull sharks.

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Swim With Manatees

--by Lon Von Lintel

Each winter in the Crystal River area of central Florida, cold ocean waters cause manatees to migrate to the Crystal river head springs and adjacent waters.  These waters are warmer, 72 degrees, than the ocean and offer manatees protection from the cold.  These gentle giants, 8

Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

feet long and weighing up to 1000 pounds, are no threat to humans and eat only grasses on the ocean floor.  They are protected by state law and usually will interact with swimmers.  It is not uncommon to see babies nursing with their mothers.  They are generally curious and will approach swimmers to investigate.  It is unlawful to chase, harass, or touch manatees, but they are allowed to touch you!

ADA is considering a trip for members and family this winter.  Cost for the boat fee is $50 to $70 pp for a four-hour trip.  Transportation, lodging, food, and other expenses are on your own.  Carpooling and other cost sharing can be arranged.

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Return to Diving
(Photo by Rachel Davis)

Longtime Active Divers Association member and Board Secretary Connie Crowther, recently returned to diving after recovering from a serious illness. Her story is published in the Fall issue of  Alert Diver, the magazine of Divers Alert Network. The online version is available now at Alert Diver Online. Click here to read her fascinating account of her return to diving.


Congrats, Rescue Diver
--by Rachel Davis

Congratulations to John Davis for earning his PADI Rescue Diver certification on November 17th!

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Jellyfish Diapers

--Reprinted from Undercurrent Magazine

Jellyfish are about 90 per cent water and composed of highly absorbent matter. An Israeli start-up company is using the matter, calling it Hydromash, to make diapers and tampons. Don’t worry – it’s treated to remove the sting! Where do they get it from? Because of increasing water temperatures, the world’s oceans are rapidly becoming infested with jellyfish and they’re a problem for infrastructure such as nuclear power stations, that get clogged up when draw cooling water from the sea. These become a natural collection point – and the diapers are biodegradable.

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Have You Moved or Changed Email Addresses Lately?

If so, please email or call us with your current information. You may send an email to: Dr. Dan Baeza, Membership Chair at You can also call Dan at 954-260-8225 and leave a message with your new contact information.

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Congrats, Advanced Diver!

Congratulations to ADA member Stefano Barbosa for earning his PADI Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certifications!


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ADA Guidelines and Policies


  1. Be current (dive activity within the previous 3 months).
  2. Have the approval of an ADA Safety Officer.
  3. Have a minimum of 25 logged dives.
  4. Carry an alternate air source (octopus), time keeping device and depth gauge


Before departing for the dive site, confirm weather conditions with Lon at (305) 251-4975 or with the designated Safety Officer. It is the responsibility of the member to call. Because of the large numbers of divers involved we are not able call you with weather information. For morning dives, call between 6 and 10 p.m. the night before the dive. For afternoon dives, call between 9 and 10 a.m. the morning of the dive


  1. Check this newsletter or the annual calendar for upcoming dives.
  2. Call Lon at (305) 251-4975 or via email at to make a reservation. If via email, you will receive a notification whether space is available. Please do not leave requests on his answering machine, the trip may be full.
  3. We will hold your reservation for four (4) days from the date you call. If we do not receive payment within four days, your space may be given to other members. If you wish to confirm receipt, call Lon.
  4. Ask for details about the trip when you call. Otherwise, details will be given when you call for a weather check. (See “Important Weather Information”)
  5. Make your check payable to ACTIVE DIVERS ASSOCIATION, not to any individual, and mail to:
Jerry Kosakowski 
298 NW 83 Lane 
Coral Springs FL 33071-7439
You may also pay online via PayPal on the "Dive Schedule" page.


  1. Members using dive computers may extend their time 10 underwater minutes beyond the time allowed by the tables.
  2. Computer assisted dives must be well within the NO DECOMPRESSION LIMITS
  3. Members should understand and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. If a computer diver is buddyed with a diver using the tables, both must follow the tables.
  5. If a buddy-team is using dis-similar computers, both must follow the more conservative readings


ADA has created a unique concept in local diving: NO FAULT INSURANCE!! For an additional $5.00, per person, per local dive trip, members can eliminate the worry of losing their dive fees because of an unforeseen change of plans. If for any reason you are unable to attend a local dive for which you are scheduled and have paid the insurance, ADA will credit your dive fee to another date. The $5.00 insurance is  non-transferable and non-refundable. When you make a reservation, ask for dive trip cancellation insurance.


All members are reminded to read the “Rules & Guidelines for Diving Activities” you received with your membership package. Number 16 states, “All divers must be present for the pre-dive briefing”. If the diver is not present for the entire briefing, diving privileges may be revoked for that dive. Please plan to arrive on time - or better yet - a bit early. We thank you and appreciate your cooperation.


Because of our contractual agreements with our service agents - dive shops and boat captains, we must notify them - usually seven days in advance - of the final number of spaces we are paying for. Thus, if our members cancel less than seven days in advance, we regret that NO REFUND OR CREDIT can be given, unless trip cancellation insurance has been purchased at the time of the dive trip payment (see next news article!)

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