Dear prospective member,

Welcome to the Active Divers Association website! ADA is the oldest dive club in South Florida, a dive club with an unmatched reputation for safe diving and conservation that extends throughout the Caribbean and beyond. As a prospective new member, there are a few things that we would like you to know in order for your diving and membership with us to be as enjoyable as possible.

Certain dives will be restricted to experienced divers only. They will be limited to divers with an advanced level of experience or to those divers who have made several dives with ADA and are considered qualified by the ADA safety officer.
To make a reservation for a dive, call the divemaster listed in The Mouthpiece, ADA's newsletter. Please refer to the Reservation and Refund Policies for full details.

You need not have a dive buddy to go on any ADA dive, either local or international trips. If you do not have one, you will be paired with one prior to the dive by the ADA divemaster (also known as a safety officer).



We hope you've decided to join us and will be with us for some great, safe diving and social activities. Your membership fee will entitle you to be a part of all this and more for this calendar year. Family members living at the same address may share a single membership.

We also offer you the option of extending your membership until the end of next year at a pro-rated amount.

We want to emphasize that the extended membership plan is optional, you may choose to join us for the standard membership fee, or you may pay the optional amount indicated in the chart located at

We do not send out individual renewal notices. The only renewal advice you'll see are generic notices posted in our monthly newsletter, "The Mouthpiece", so consider that when making your selection.

Remember, you save up to $30 per person for each dive you make with us.

We don't make a profit on the diving so we have to stretch the dues to cover a lot of expenses. Please help us keep them to a bare minimum.

You are invited to take a more active part in the club by serving on one or more committees. This is your club and we need your help to make it work. Service on a committee is also a prerequisite to being considered for membership on the Board of Directors. Our committees include:

Simply call the respective committee chairman (listed in each issue of The Mouthpiece) and tell him or her that you want to help. You can be sure it will be appreciated.

Besides dives, ADA has several social events throughout the year. These include parties, bike rides, canoe trips, and pool parties. Many of our parties feature slide shows by fellow members. Additionally, there is our annual Awards Banquet, held at a local restaurant, featuring guest speakers on topics of interest to our members.

Several dive shops offer discounts to ADA members. Check with the membership committee for participating dive shops in your area if you are in need of equipment.

If you or a friend wish to take additional or advanced courses, our diving safety committee provides free referrals to dive instructors with a good record of safety and competent instruction.

Feel free to call any committee chairman or board member anytime you have a comment, suggestion, or question. We all look forward to diving with you soon and seeing you at our other activities as well.

Click here to go to the "Online Application" page to begin the process.


Dr. Daniel M Baeza, PhD, PE
Membership Chairman